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Interview: Peter Bryant on the energy transition


I sat down with Peter Bryant last week to talk about the energy transition, whether it is possible in its current form and what are the challenges.

Bio: Peter Bryant is Board Chair for Clareo a US based strategy advisory firm and DPI a non profit focused on social and economic outcomes for communities around resource projects. Peter is a recognized thought leader on ESG/sustainability, the energy transition and innovation across multiple sectors including mining and energy. He is widely published including appearing on CNBC and being quoted by the Wall St. Journal, and sits on the Board of Advisors for two leading VC Funds and has served on the Innovation Councils for multiple mining and energy companies. He is an active speaker, most recently at COP26 on the Mining Value Chain for electrification/decarbonization as well as The Future Minerals Summit 2022 in Saudi Arabia; the Baker Hughes 2020 Annual Energy Forward Meeting and was a keynote at the New Zealand Prime Ministers 2019 Just Transition to Net Zero Emissions Summit and is slated to speak at CERAWeek in March!

In this interview you will learn:

  • What the four main challenges on the road to net zero are

  • Why the energy transition in its current form may end up being worse for the environment than fossil fuels

  • How governments need to rearrange their priorities

  • Why they are not particularly likely to do it, at least voluntarily, and

  • What we need to do to avoid falling off an energy cliff

Irina Slav on energy
Irina Slav on energy
Irina Slav