Interview: Gordon Hughes and how transition's labor's lost


Professor Gordon Hughes from the University of Edinburgh is an economist, formerly with the World Bank, is not one of transition advocates’ favourite people. That’s because they don’t like their myths debunked with facts and hard data, which is exactly what Professor Hughes has been doing with wind and solar.

In this interview, we discussed several topics, among them:

  • why wind and solar costs are being artificially underestimated

  • why the transition cannot work as currently being implemented

  • why politicians are unlikely to change course (this one’s scary)

  • what the future holds for our energy system

A funny thing with the interviews I do for this Substack is that they always end up being even more informative, insightful and interesting than I’d expected.

For more from Gordon, here’s a much longer interview with Robert Bryce on the Power Hungry Podcast.


Irina Slav