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Interview: Doug Sandridge and the hurdles to net zero


For this week’s interview I sat down with oil industry vet and energy educator Doug Sandridge to talk about the biggest obstacles on the way to net zero and why many of the current plans by governments are unfeasible.

Bio: Doug Sandridge has more than 46 years of experience in the energy industry, from oil to renewables. He is currently Senior Vice President of Fulcrum Energy Capital Funds and is the founder/director of EnergyPolicyUS, an organization which promotes non-partisan energy education.  Doug is an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma teaching Alternative Energy, Power & Fuels in the EMBA program. Doug has recently gained national notoriety for his “7 Hurdles to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions.”

In this interview you will learn:

  • Why the energy transition cannot happen the way it is being planned

  • What the issues are that we need to talk more about to avoid blackouts and poverty

  • Why intermittency may not be the biggest problem of renewables

  • Why decision-makers are ignoring the problems inherent in transition plans

Irina Slav on energy
Irina Slav on energy
Irina Slav